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Flag Case Pedestal for 3' x 5' Banner Frames
Flag Case Pedestal
  • Elevates shadow boxes for 3'x 5' military flags.
  • Genuine wood construction for a traditional style.
  • Three finishes offered to meet customers' individual preferences.
  • Hollow body results in a low price point, light weight and inexpensive shipping.

This flag case pedestal is specifically designed for use with 3' x 5' triangular banner frames. Each stand has a flat surface area of 19-5/8"w x 3-7/8"d. The overall dimensions of this flag case pedestal are 19-5/8"w x 2-5/8"h x 4-3/4"d. The decorative, grooved pattern appearing on the face of the unit aligns and coordinates perfectly with the decorative molding on the 3' x 5' military banner holders for sale in this online catalog. This stand is a flag case pedestal that comes in cherry oak and black finishes. The unit is manufactured from pine. The flag case pedestal that has a genuine wood construction features a subtle wood grain visible in the finish. Military veterans will feel pride when gazing upon this unit elevating their commemorative memorabilia. This flag case pedestal for elevating military ensign shadow boxes has a stylish appearance appropriate for exhibit on a mantel, shelf or counter.

The appearance of shadow boxes is significantly enhances when placed on a stand. This flag case pedestal that is designed for a mantel elevates banner frames 2-5/8", which is just enough to provide the subtle accent an ensign deserves. Engraved and more ornate units are intriguing, yet they tend to detract attention away from the banner on display. This flag case pedestal has the perfect balance of a decorative accent and moderate elevation that will capture an individual's attention as they enter a room, yet keep the focus on the banner itself.

19-5/8"w x 2-5/8"h x 4-3/4"d
Flat Surface Area: 19-5/8"w x 3-7/8"d
Weight: 2 lbs.

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Qty: 12-67-2021-7172-190191-487
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Flag Case Pedestal for 3' x 5' Banner Frames


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